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Sustain Success

Organisation:Sustain Success
Alliance Members:Niall EnrightNE1
Jane Galloway
Caroline Robertson-Brown
Description:SustainSuccess has been established since 2008 and provides a range of consulting services focused on energy and resource efficiency, technical audits, management systems, strategy and change management.

We also offer a number of excel-based software tools, such as a Marginal Abatement Costs Curve tool, Lighting Hours Calculator, Maturity Matrices Tool and a Monitoring and Targeting Spreadsheet tool for small M&T projects.

Recent clients include Peel Holdings, The World Bank, Skoda Cars and Rio Tinto.
Location:Office: 19 Harboro Road, Manchester, UK, M33 5AF. Telephone: +44 7812 519 965



Organisation:NRG Management Consultancy LtdNRG Logo
Alliance Members:Nic RigbyNic
Description:NRG Management Consultancy operates across the entire energy spectrum providing two specific services. Contract management and commercial support to start ups. Contract management covers supporting companies who find themselves in a dispute process and involves managing the dispute programme ensuring that parties to the dispute, lawyers and expert witnesses are all working to identical goals both short and long term.
Commercial support to start ups includes monetising concepts in complex markets, identifying customers and putting deals in place.
Recent clients include Low Carbon Contracts Ltd, University of Surrey and Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd.
Location:Office: 10 Belmont Road, Twickenham, TW2 5DA, UK Phone: +44 (0) 20 3601 3110 or +44 (0) 7989 49 4432 under construction


Delta Factor Consulting Ltd.

Organisation:Delta Factor Consulting Ltd.Delta Logo
Alliance Members:Gary TrappGary
Description:Delta Factor Consulting Ltd. is a specialist energy and utility efficiency consultancy. Registered in the UK, Delta Factor works with its clients internationally, supporting projects and campaigns to reduce the consumption of energy and other utilities. Services provided include: audits; project implementation and; training. A professional approach is always at the heart of Delta Factor services. It is this standard, backed up by more than 25 years of expertise, which enables Delta Factor to provide unique solutions for improved efficiency and profitability.


EKM Energy

Organisation:EKM EnergyEKM Logo
Alliance Members:Ewan MacdonaldEwan
Description:I retired from Jacobs Engineering in April 2015 after a career spanning over 30 years in industry and consultancy. I continue to provide independent consulting services to companies in the process industries sector, focusing on energy and resource efficiency. Projects include energy surveys, technology assessments, implementation of management systems and training.

I am an ESOS Lead Assessor, accredited through the Institution of Chemical Engineers and will assist companies to implement energy plans arising from ESOS compliance to ensure future-proofing in advance of the next compliance deadline of December 2019.

Recent clients include Interserve, SLR Consulting and Sedalcol.


Cotopaxi Energy Ltd.

Organisation:Cotopaxi Energy Ltd.Cotopaxi Email
Alliance Members:Cliff BradshawCliff Bradshaw e
Description:Cotopaxi are energy consultants, engineers and IT specialists providing energy and carbon reduction solutions on a global scale. Our offices are located in Skelmersdale, Northampton, Beijing, Cologne and a hot desk in London. Our clients are varied and consist of large multinational corporations requiring site specific, as well as global solutions.

Our consulting and engineering services along with a full 'eXpert' range of products are varied and include: Energy Consulting, Legislative and Regulatory Compliance, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, Monitoring and Targeting using Strata (software developed in-house), Bureau Service, RHI Accreditation, Energy Training, Boiler Efficiency, Bio Energy/CHP, Water abstraction Strategy, Due Diligence and many more.


Glenwood Environmental Technologies

Organisation:Glenwood Environmental TechnologiesGlenwood Logo
Alliance Members:Bob BaileyBob
Description:Glenwood Environmental Technologies specialises in small-scale Energy from Waste projects based on pyrolysis – heating to a high temperature in the absence of oxygen. Our system is manufactured by American Renewables Technologies Inc. based in California and meets all emissions regulations for the EU and USA.

The system is modular and the standard units can handle 1 tonne per hour or 2.5 tonnes per hour of a wide range of waste materials – all organics, plastics, tyre chips, municipal, commercial & industrial wastes.

We can also supply waste preparation technologies including a patented shredder/dryer and pelletiser which provides an ideal input for the pyrolysis units.
Location:Office: 6 Noon Sun Farm, Noah’s Ark Lane, Mobberley, Cheshire, WA16 7AU. United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7711 565339


Oakwell Energy Consulting Ltd

Organisation:Oakwell Energy Consulting LtdOakwell Logo
Alliance Members:Andy IbbotsonAndy
Description:Oakwell Energy Consulting Ltd was established in 2008 and specialises in the provision of energy surveys, furnace investigations, energy reduction programmes, policy and strategy, and associated work in the heavy manufacturing and high temperature industries. Engagement typically starts with an energy survey or scoping study, with support being expanded based on client requirements.

Our core industries are iron and steel, foundries, glass, minerals, quarries and general engineering; and our international experience includes the Americas, S.E. Asia, India, China, Africa and the Middle East.

Client base includes Guardian Industries, Encirc Glass, Montupet, United Electric Steel, Ryobi, Corus/Tata, Nissan, Cemex and Creagh Concrete Products.
Location:Office: 25 Rush Croft, Thackley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD10 8WN. United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7791 328733


Episodi Consulting Ltd

Organisation:Episodi Consulting LtdEpisodi logo
Alliance Members:Chris StubbsChris
Description:Episodi Consulting Ltd specializes Programme and Project Management in the energy and engineering field. With experience of running corporate industrial energy efficiency programmes, the establishment and delivery of energy certification programmes, the design and delivery of an industry sector carbon reduction certification scheme, the development of energy performance contracting for a global engineering and technology vendor and the development and management of a renewable energy project development business.
Location:Office: 127 Walton Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington, WA4 6NT

Tel: 07887 688549


Macmillan Environmental Limited

Organisation:Macmillan Environmental LimitedMAC
Alliance Members:Paul Bromleybromley,p
Description:Macmillan Environmental Limited help companies to make better use of their materials. We find more commercially and environmentally desirable solutions for underutilized resources. We develop web based material exchange platforms that can support company-wide sharing of resources.
Location:Office: Macmillan Environmental Limited, Re:centre, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP

Tel: +44 7776 210619


Gluckman Consulting Limited

Organisation:Gluckman Consulting LimitedGluck Logo
Alliance Members:Ray GluckmanRay
Description:Gluckman Consulting is a specialist technical consultancy providing expertise related to climate change mitigation and refrigeration.
Services related to climate change mitigation are designed to help both policy makers and organisations that emit greenhouse gases to develop practical and cost effective initiatives to reduce emissions. This includes:

• Energy efficiency projects for industrial and commercial companies to reduce CO2 emissions
• Projects to reduce non-CO2 emissions, in particular fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases, which include HFCs, PFCs and SF6)
• Support to policy makers on the development of new greenhouse gas emission reduction programmes

Gluckman Consulting also provides specialist services related to refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems. These services include:

• Advice on the energy efficiency of existing and new systems
• Guidance on the selection of refrigerants for new systems, to minimise use of HFCs
• Support to end users related to compliance with the F-Gas and Ozone Regulations
• Work with policy makers on the development and implementation of F-Gas policies
Location:Office: 20A Eaton Park Road, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2JH UK

Mobile: +44 7976 238393 Phone: +44 1932 866344


Alan Couch

Alliance Members:Alan Couchalan
Description:I am an engineer by background. Before specialising in resource efficiency, I worked for 10 years in power station design and commissioning, the design of refinery offsites (fired heaters and furnaces) and the development of fluidised bed technology.

My resource efficiency career spans almost 30 years and has covered most energy consuming technologies in industry and buildings. During the time I developed particular skills in refrigeration, boiler and steam systems, and co- and tri-generation.

To briefly summarise my resource efficiency experience, I have:

• carried out almost 150 audits of energy, waste and water use
• led the establishment of carbon and resource management programmes since the inception of these management techniques at over 20 industrial sites, and assisted colleagues with many more
• project managed the installation of energy improvement investments, mostly in refrigeration or cooling systems, boilerhouses, heat recovery and CHP/cogeneration
• advised clients on the energy- and water-efficient design of new industrial plant
• led the energy and utility input to sustainable design projects including renewable energy, waste recycling and energy-from-waste, water minimisation, recycling and re-use
• delivered energy efficiency training courses
• worked in many countries including the UK, Ireland and several other Western and Eastern European countries, Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, Russia, several African countries, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia.
Location:Based in London, but flexible for project locations.
Contact:alan@hanwell101.comTelephone: +44 7850 195 388